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Meet our Leadership Team


Diane Gentle McDaniel

Founding Partner

Diane Graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1979 with a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduation she taught in the Alabama school system while her two sons attended elementary school. During this time, Diane also taught business communication and customer service classes at a local community college where she was able to focus on her people skills. Concurrently, she made the time to serve on the local Charity League board where she was ultimately elected president.

Additionally, and most passionately, Diane became an active board member and deeply involved with Parents and Children Together (PACT). She helped to spearhead PACT’s Parenting Education programs in addition to other student awareness programs implemented throughout the Alabama school system. PACT, a very dynamic organization, is committed to preventing child abuse and neglect. It was and is still one of the first comprehensive child abuse prevention programs in the Southeastern United States. Because of her commitment to the organization, Diane notably received the prestigious Gail Hurst Founders Award.

After her teaching career, and as her sons became older, Diane decided to take her skill set into the business world. She joined the Berry Company (AT&T Yellow Pages) where she went through a rigorous ninety-day training period to enhance customer service and sales. She was transferred to Nashville TN with the Berry Company and later accepted a position with Bell South Mobility as a Major Account Sales Executive handling large clients throughout the state of Tennessee. Through this transition, Diane formed a lifelong friendship and partnership with Heather Gee-Thomas, her founding partner of G Squared Wireless.

Outside of the workplace, Diane enjoys horseback riding, snow skiing, boating, hiking with her dog Patty, and caring for her 95-year-old mother. She and her husband Steve cherish their weekends away with family and friends at their cabin on Lewis Smith Lake in Northern Alabama.


Heather Gee-Thomas

Founding Partner

Heather Gee-Thomas, from a young age, had an entrepreneurial spirit, earning money by teaching dance classes in her parents’ home at the age of 13. Her love of creating new ventures, coupled with her passion for social justice, has led her into developing programs that support those society all too often marginalizes. Heather has also served on multiple boards in Middle Tennessee, one to eliminate bullying in the public school system — a passion close to her heart. Another to provide community input for safe and respectful care of LGBTQ patients in a large Nashville hospital/medical network.


Heather earned a B.A. in business administration/marketing at The University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business. She spent much of her early career working for Fortune 500 companies in Enterprise Sales, which she credits with providing a valuable training ground for executive leadership. However, her passion to advance the rights of others left her wanting more. In 2005, after recognizing a gap in support services for the evolving mobility industry, Heather and longtime friend Diane Gentle McDaniel founded G Squared Wireless. They shared the belief that providing a happy, fun, mutually respectful work environment along with a “best in class” product were the key ingredients to feed their appetite for success in their business, while recognizing the talent they brought alongside them was imperative in driving best practices in all that they do at G Squared.


Outside of work, Heather enjoys Nashville Predators Hockey, camping with her family and working on indoor/outdoor projects at home with her husband Johnny.


Charlie Yielding

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Charlie works with the operational leaders within G Squared Wireless to insure constant process improvement through data driven analytics, and he works with the same team to improve the quality of leadership at G Squared. This strategy creates a culture that promotes talent from within and allows motivated individuals to develop skillsets that would be traditionally out of reach. Charlie is an at-large board member for the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) and works with vendors and individuals throughout the rapidly changing Enterprise IT industry to tackle new challenges as they arise.


Charlie found his job as a helpdesk agent at G Squared in January of 2009, and immediately started working with others to better define processes and improvements in his role. This quickly led to a promotion. Since then Charlie has been a Client Manager, Operations Manager, VP of Operations, COO, and now CEO. While all of the new promotions were welcome, each position brought a new set of responsibilities and the challenge of constant growth.


Melissa Glasgow

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa joined G Squared Wireless in August 2010 as a contract employee. She wasted no time in proving she would be a valuable asset to the company. Her dedication to learning the field along with her strong work ethic has led her to developing pivotal skills that continue to take her far within the company.


From early on, Melissa has always been intrigued by various aspects of technology.  Which can be traced back to a class on website design/HMTL she took while in middle school. This opened her eyes and desire to delve deeper into this new world of computers. Eventually her knack for self-learning landed her a position as a computer technician at a call center.  However, despite her draw towards technology, Melissa found herself moving to Nashville, TN in May 2001 to pursue a passion of working with a non-profit Christian organization called ZJAM. ZJAM provided the perfect training grounds to better hone her office as well as her leadership skills while also opening up the avenue of being able to stay abreast on the latest technology trends. 


Following her time at ZJAM, Melissa pursued an internship with her local church in order to focus on what was next. Upon finishing her internship Melissa had determined she did not see herself continuing in vocational ministry, and soon the job hunt began. After hearing of an open position at a company called G Squared Wireless she quickly applied and was hired.


When not at G Squared, Melissa enjoys spending time with her friends, musical theater and cheering on the Nashville Predators. She also loves animals and when able will often pet sit for fellow employees.

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