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Device Recycling




Businesses know the power of mobile computing for productivity, creativity and communication. But that power comes with a cost: hundreds of millions of old mobile phones piling up in offices globally each year.


It’s crucial for companies to develop comprehensive programs to deal with old mobile phones. Simply storing phones, destroying them or throwing them away fails to solve four key challenges posed by these devices.

  • Proprietary data

  • Environmental toxins

  • Economic value

  • Tracking assets

Data Solution


Data security is critical for companies and is a risk when your firm’s devices reach their end‐of‐life. Smartphones hold megabytes of private data including passwords, texts, documents and more. To address the data security issue posed by old phones, G Squared Wireless:

  • Uses OEM certified and proprietary data removal tools

  • Scrubs data from broken units

  • Audits every stage of the information removal process

  • Offers secure onsite data scrubbing

  • Deploys industry Best Practices and documents to protect your company’s proprietary data

Environmental Solution


Even without the data security issue, throwing away mobile phones is an unsustainable practice: Devices contain toxic materials and heavy metals that leach from landfills.

At a time when companies strive for environmental responsibility and accountability, G Squared Wireless recycling is a sustainable way for Business to handle old mobile phones:

  • Adheres to strict no landfill policy

  • Commits to responsible reuse, (ReCommerce)

  • Donates phone value to charity if desired

The G Squared Wireless recycling is the green alternative to destroying or landfilling mobile phones.

Economic Solution


Your old mobile phones aren’t just a liability ‐ they also represent an opportunity. With our experience and focus on corporate and government devices, we’re able to capture more value from your firm’s old mobile phones than other market participants:

  • Adheres to strict no landfill policy

  • Commits to responsible reuse, (ReCommerce)

  • Donates phone value to charity if desired

While most companies don’t have the time, expertise or resources to effectively unlock remaining phone value, G Squared Wireless does so efficiently and safely.

Tracking Solution


Compliance and regulation are increasingly important. So proper tracking and reporting are crucial parts of a comprehensive program for handling mobile phones. That’s why G Squared Wireless offers:

  • Shipment tracking via serial number

  • Access to phone tracking via customized portal

  • Employee‐based data removal tools

  • Serialized database of phones for record keeping

With G Squared Wireless, your company will have complete records of every unit, for every stage of the process through final disposition.

The G Squared Wireless Recycling Program provides solutions built for companies from midsize firms to global enterprises.

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