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About G Squared Wireless

G Squared Wireless was founded in 2005 to help solve the glaring inefficiencies in the management of wireless services within the corporate structure.  The management of most companies’ wireless services fell into an organizational black hole somewhere between the IT and telecom departments. This shortcoming invariably resulted in inflated subscriber costs, the underutilization of ever-evolving technologies, increased staff downtime, help-desk nightmares, and frustrated end users.


So, G Square Wireless began with a mission to provide organizations solution-oriented wireless consulting services, company-specific training, affordable device procurement, seamless deployment, and top-rated help-desk services.


And now with almost two decades of experience in the wireless industry and a proven track record of success,

G Squared Wireless offers its clients support for the latest, most secure technologies the wireless industry has to offer. Today, industry experts consistently recognize G Squared Wireless as providing best-in-class support to some of the world’s most exciting and recognized brands.

In October of 2023, AMI Strategies acquired G Squared Wireless due to the increased demand for mobility and MDM help desk support by AMI’s customers.


AMI and G Squared Wireless had been on parallel tracks with a solid focus on quality and customer experience, while providing seamless deployments and top-tier services. Because AMI had already been a strategic partner with G Squared Wireless, the acquisition allowed AMI to quickly deploy a 24x7 Help Desk to service several new clients without the need to staff and train, as well as allowing AMI to bring mobility logistics (staging and kitting) in-house.


The combination of AMI Strategies and G Squared Wireless brings together complementary strengths, expertise, and resources, allowing AMI to offer a broader and more comprehensive range of solutions. 


G Squared Wireless will continue to operate under its name as a division of AMI Strategies.

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