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Dedicated Mobile Administrators for Small and Medium Business

How much time do you spend managing your company’s mobility program? Are you a mobile phone expert? Do you need to free up time to do your actual job? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need a dedicated mobility administrator. The trouble is finding an expert is easier said than done. You may not know what questions to ask during the hiring process and when you find the right candidate you will need someone to manage them. Hiring any employee is not merely a matter of paying a salary, it also means providing benefits and leadership to them. Large companies often out-source these functions to mobility management firms with large teams who are experts in the field, but those solutions are often out of reach to small businesses. So, what can be done?   


G Squared Wireless has been focused on enterprise mobility management since its inception 16 years ago. G2W is now bringing its enterprise-level wireless suite of services from its experience with Fortune 500 companies to bear for its smallest client’s mobility programs for a fraction of the cost of traditional dedicated employees. With the rise of virtual teams and workspaces, G2W identified the need to provide Dedicated Mobile Administrators to small and medium-sized businesses who may not have the financial ability to hire a dedicated employee to manage its mobile assets and execute its wireless program effectively.  

G2W’s services include: 


  • Mobile Policy Consultation 

  • Device Activation Support 

  • Device Troubleshooting Support 

  • On-Device Email Configuration Support 

  • Carrier Question Guidance 

  • MACD and Device Order Support  

G2W’s support is tailored to meet its client’s needs regardless of company size, spend, or device count. During the implementation process, G2W streamlines the setup and knows the right questions to ask to make your mobility program successful. Flexibility and simple billing make G2W a great choice for small companies looking to limit their IT costs and leverage industry best practices.  


Most companies spend an average of $1500 a month on managed mobility services and support. This accounts for employee salary, management costs and benefits, as well as mobile expertise. G2W saves its customers an average of $1000 a month by eliminating mobility management costs and providing enterprise-level training and expertise.


To learn more, feel free to give us a call at 615.878.4805 or send us an email at

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